Wandoo Energy’s highly experienced and successful oil and gas team identifies value adding opportunities through  acquisitions, in-house prospect generation, leasing, exploration and development drilling and alliances with sophisticated industry partners.




Wandoo Energy, LLC is a Texas based company founded in 2005 and has license to over 10,000 square miles of 3D seismic data onshore and offshore Texas.

Wandoo owners raised funds through an Australian IPO in 2007 forming a separate company Texon Petroleum of which they were major shareholders.

With that funding and Wandoo’s management and technical expertise both Wandoo and Texon had a track record of success discovering and developing multiple fields in the Yegua, Olmos and Eagleford.

All were generated by Wandoo personal. The strong asset base provided the opportunity for Texon to be sold in 2013 with a direct benefit for all it’s shareholders.





Wandoo‘s current focus is in South Texas conventional plays that have the characteristics of high flow rates, low production declines and long life.

The cheaper cost associated with vertical drilling, the extensive pipeline infra-structure and close proximity to the South Texas Gulf Coast markets gives Wandoo and its partners the ability to make significant returns for a wide range of commodity prices.